Memorial Hospital, Sisli

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, few institutions stand as tall as Memorial Şişli Hospital. Established in 1995, this visionary healthcare group embarked on a journey that would redefine medical excellence, not just for Turkey but for the entire world. Memorial Şişli Hospital, located on the European side of Istanbul, is a testament to innovation, trust, and leadership in the field of health.

A Vision Takes Shape

In 1996, Memorial Health Group unveiled its ambitious project: Memorial Şişli Hospital. Supported by ECRI, the renowned consultancy firm from the USA specializing in the hospital sector, this hospital wasn’t merely a healthcare facility—it represented the future of healthcare in Turkey.

From Blueprint to Reality

In a mere three years, the construction of Memorial Şişli Hospital, a name synonymous with trust and leadership, was completed. This state-of-the-art facility was equipped with the most advanced technology available at the time, befitting an international healthcare institution. In February 2000, Memorial Şişli Hospital opened its doors to its first patient, marking the beginning of a new era in healthcare.

Setting Global Standards

Memorial Şişli Hospital’s commitment to excellence was evident from the outset. Within just two years of its founding, the hospital achieved JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation, a testament to its dedication to world-class quality healthcare. It became the first in Turkey and the twenty-first in the world to earn this prestigious certification, recognized worldwide for its rigorous standards.

A Beacon of Excellence

Spanning a vast 53,000 square meters of enclosed space, Memorial Şişli Hospital boasts a capacity of 252 beds. Its impressive facilities include 13 operating rooms, 4 intensive care units (covering cardiovascular, general, coronary, and neonatal care), and 3 cutting-edge laboratories. Additionally, it houses specialized centers such as the Organ Transplantation Center, IVF Center, Genetic Center, Stroke Center, Breast Health and Diseases Center, Oncology Center, Vinci Robotic Surgery Center, and Bone Marrow Transplant Center.

A Global Hub for Healing

Memorial Şişli Hospital isn’t just a local institution—it’s a global reference center for healthcare. Patients from an astounding 167 countries choose Memorial Şişli Hospital for their medical needs, a testament to its international reputation for excellence.


Memorial Şişli Hospital’s journey is a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Since its establishment in 2000, it has set the bar high for healthcare not only in Turkey but across the globe.

As a symbol of trust, leadership, and innovation, Memorial Şişli Hospital continues to be a beacon of hope and healing for countless individuals from diverse corners of the world.

Explore the future of healthcare at Memorial Şişli Hospital today.



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